We used many different ways to solve our problems until I created Otobur. After a while, we realized that all of these roads make them permanent instead of solving the problems.

For this reason, our first principle when bringing Otobur together; SOLVE TO PROBLEM.

TO SHARE all the updates for free after buying Otobur once.

Paying a fee for each user and different computer, the fact that the program is only working on Windows or Mac only limited the usability of the program. For this reason, we wanted it to be UNLIMITED.

The fact that the program was in a single language, the problems experienced in searching, and difficulties in transferring data could be experienced when it was wanted to switch to another program. For this reason, we wanted it to be EASY TO BE USED.

We wanted to add different principles and requests of different gardens to the program content. For this reason, we made it DEVELOPABLE.