Data Security

Your data is always safe...

Two-Factor Authentication for Program Entry

Login to the system with your Username and Password.

Enter the Verification Code sent to your Mobile Phone number or e-mail address that you registered in Otobur.

and OTOBUR...

Otobur Data Security Services


Customized Login Information

Cloud Database

Data is stored in the cloud.

It can be downloaded at any time.

Daily Data Backup

At the end of each day, Otobur gets its own backup.

It sends an e-mail to the system administrator as a downloadable file.

Data Export

At any time, the System Administrator can retrieve all or part of the data from the program.

Two-Factor Authentication

After logging into Otobur with your Username and Password, you can log in to the program with the Verification Code sent to your mobile phone or e-mail address, depending on your preference.

Thus, no one other than you can enter the system using your username.

Data Export

The System Administrator can export either all or partial data at any time.

Thus, data sharing can be done and it is possible to use the data in different programs whenever desired.
Daily Backup

Otobur automatically backs up the entire database at the end of each day and emails the System Administrator as a downloadable file.

So in the worst case, only one day of data will be lost.


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