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How to Accesions?

An accession number should be given to any live plant material that comes to your garden.

P.S.: It is the right one to give a sequential accession number to the plant sample according to the year it arrives. In the gardens, plants can be divided as they grow, or the plant can be used in different parts of the garden by propagate plant seeds, cutting, which is suitable for another collection. For this reason, it is clear that the plant is to determine an accession number according to the first place where the plant is sewn, and that the plant will cause various recording confusion when its location changes. Otobur is recommending the accession number according to came to the garden year and order.

Mandatory information while recording Accessions

Plant Name

The known name at the time he came to the garden


The date when the plant comes to the garden

Material Type

Live Plant, Seed, Cutting, Bulb, Rhizome, Root, DNA, etc.


It is a group of places where the plant material is collected or arrived.

Accepted Plant Names

As the Latin plant name begins to be written, Otobur begin to propose various options. Otobur provides these noun suggestions from here;

- From the names previously recorded and supervised.

- International Plant Name Index (IPNI)

- The World Checklist of Vascular Plants (WCVP)

- Global Biodiversity Information Facilitiy (GBIF)

These noun suggestions also provide confirmation of the entered plant name. If Otobur do not make a suggestion about the name written, you can find out that you entered wrong. Otobur forces you to write the right name.

Adding Photograph and Document

You can add all photos and documents of 1 MB and smaller size.

Thus, all photos and documents related to the material can be seen on a single record. All you have to do is drag and drop.


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