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Herbariums Records

Digitize your specimens in the Herbarium, upload their photos and the Virtual Herbarium is ready!!!

How is a Virtual Herbarium Formed?

Plant Name

Enter the taxonomic information of the specimen


Enter the location and the collector information of the specimen

Take a photo

Take a high resolution photo of specimen


Upload the photo to Otobur and make it accessible.

High Definition Image

The higher the visual resolution of the herbarium specimen, the higher its quality.

However, increasing the resolution increases the file size.

No matter how large the file size is, it is not difficult at all to upload it to Otobur and publish it in virtual herbarium !!!

Label Print

It is very easy to print the labels of the specimens you put in the basket.

Otobur will e-mail you the label of the specimens whose information you have saved as an editable Word template.

More ?

You can experience Otobur for this.
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