Program Features

Mac, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, iOS or Android, no matter which operating system you are using. You can easily access to Otobur.
Whether desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet, you can use “Otobur” with any device with internet access.
You can query any information you have already saved to “Otobur” anytime, anywhere and download it as a report.
You can use “Otobur” at any time in any language you want, and you can easily change the language.
You can use “Otobur” with unlimited number of user on unlimited platforms. At no additional fee!...
Accession Table - You can record all kinds of live plant materials such as plants, seeds and vegetative part that come to your garden with a number.
Names Table - By confirming the names of plants you have recorded in the program with this table, you can ensure that the plant name is recorded correctly.
Plants Table - You can record which plants you planted in your garden, where you make changes, the maintenance procedures you apply to the plants, the phenological observations in this table. You can create a flowering calendar for your garden with phenological observation results.
Collector Books Table - You can keep the location records of the plants you gather from nature and bring them to your garden in this table, and you can see both in the Accession Table, Herbarium Table and Seedbank Table.
Seed Bank Table - You can use this table to keep records of seeds you have collected from your garden or nature.
Propagation Table - You can record your propagation works in this table with all the details. You can see the propagation reports of previous years.
Herbarium Table - You can keep the specimen records of the plants you collect from both nature and garden.
Library Table - It can record all the information of any publication in your library in this table. You can get reports by searching as you want. (Under construction.)
To create permanent label templates for the plants you have recorded with the system, simply select an option during recording. Labels formed as you defined are now ready to print.
Manage, assign, track your users; back up or delete your data.

System Requirements

for User's Computer
CPU: 1 GHz
RAM: 2 GB DDR2 533 Mhz
HDD: Not Required.
You can easily use “Otobur" in any of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox web browsers.
No installation required. Therefore, you do not pay an extra computer charge.
As soon as you make your purchase, your membership to the system opens and you can start using it through the Cloud.

A simple internet connection allows you to access the Otobur.

Standard Package

- Right Access to Otobur
- Unlimited and Concurrent User
- Multilanguage Data Entry
- Data Migration
- Remote Assistance
- Software Updates
- User Guide (Turkish and English)

Additional Fees

- Onsite Training
- Local Language User Guide
- Add Tabels

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